Chill out & keep cool this summer with a boost for air con
15 May 2016

Temperatures are rising and summer is fast approaching. Hot days made even more humid inside a car, so why not treat yourself to a full air conditioning recharge from Signature?

For your car to be equipped with an effective air conditioning system that works to its full potential, most manufacturers recommend a recharge procedure is to be carried out every two years. If that deadline is fast approaching for you, look no further than Signature’s fantastic offer of £49.95inc for a full air conditioning recharge plus the cost of disinfectant spray if required.


Many people don’t realise that harmful bacteria can also build up within the air vents so we combat this with the disinfectant spray which also removes the nasty odours that bacteria can cause.


Don’t miss out. Please contact us on 01772 634488 or email if you would like more information about our latest air conditioning offer. Alternatively, you can book your vehicle in right away using our online booking form. Simply choose a time and a date that’s right for you and we’ll see you here!

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